Embodied Parenting

Confidently tackle parenting challenges & build a closer connection with your child.

Embodied Parenting is the parenting branch of my work.  As I searched for ways to help my own children and learnt more about the body and our nervous system, I found some wonderful tools that changed my relationship with myself, my children and all those around me. Embodied Parenting combines this knowledge to help support parents in this vital role of raising the next generation.

As a certified Hand in Hand Parenting by Connection Instructor and Aware Parenting Instructor, I offer workshops, classes and tools that will help transform your relationship with your children.  

Learn about the nervous system, the underlying emotional needs of your children and get practical advice that you can use in your family to solve problems and build stronger connections. 

I am passionate about ongoing learning and currently undertaking further training in Psychosynthesis, Marte Meo, and Marion Rose’ Phd, PsychoSpiritual Parenting.


Hand in Hand Parenting Starter Classes

This fun and engaging six-week program offers practical tools and advice to help you learn what drives your child’s behaviour and how a deeper connection can help combat some of those challenging behaviours.

The Hand in Hand Parenting (Can this be a link to the What is Hand in Hand blog) approach cultivates stronger parent-child relationships and empowers parents with 5 simple tools to use in every day life. Each class is approximately 2.5 hours long and takes an emotion-focused approach. Backed by the latest neuroscience, parents will learn about nervous system and what could be driving their childs behaviour.

September 12th - October 17th

6 weeks, 7.30pm Thursday nights
Location,Seacliff, Adelaide

Oct 24th - November 28th 

6 weeks, 7.30pm Thursday nights

Location, Rose Park, Adelaide


Power of Play in Parenting

Play is the language of our children. Learn how to connect using the power of play. In this 3 hour dynamic workshop you will be introduced to Parenting By Connection in a fun and light hearted play base workshop.

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Embodied Parenting Day Long Immersion

This is for anyone wanting further support, to explore conscious parenting and understanding their triggers. This day long workshop is a deep dive further into the transformative power of parenting. Connect more deeply with yourself and others.

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